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Villisca Front of the House showing wooden walkway
“I have been here three times now. Each time I learn more…”
– Daniel B
The house is a small wood frame farm home carefully curated to look and feel as it would have in June 1912. School groups, history buffs, true crime fans and ghost hunting enthusiasts all can take something away from this unique immersive historical experience.


Darkened bedroom inside the Villisca House

Daytime House Tour

The daytime house tour is our most popular tour and the only one offered since the house opened to the public in the 1990s. This tour now provides a self guided aid, and the option for people to book a guided private tour. Each tour will take guests through the house as they learn about the history, mystery, and tragedy of the events that took place in June of 1912. And of course, we'll cover some of the hauntings that still occur, and have happened, in the house as a result.

EMF Detectors are available to rent as an add-on.
Villisca Axe Murder House

Private House Tour

Private House Tours are guided tours available for up to ten people for $300. Additional people may be added at $20/person, up to a total of 16 people.
Cemetery Tour

Cemetery Tours: GPS Audio Guided and Private Guided Tours

The Villisca Cemetery: Tombstone and Town Tour is a GPS guided, audio narrated tour with photo and video available to everyone on iOS and Android devices on the Junket App. This tour can be taken anytime, as long as the cemetery is physically accessible. Once you purchase the tour, you have seven days to use it after redeeming it in your email.

In-person private walking tours of the cemetery only are available for starting at $300 for up to 10 people, and $20 for each additional person. A guide to the town tour is provided at no extra cost, but we do not guide you to the locations in the town as we do not provide vehicle tours. These tours meet at the cemetery entrance and the tour involves a round trip walk of about 1.5 miles.

The tour guides you to the graves of the Moores and Stillingers, one of the suspects, Mary Peckham, Civil War General General William W. Ellis grave and memorial sculpture, and more.

The town tour includes the Presbyterian Church; the Parsonage where suspect, traveling preacher, and confessor Reverend George Kelly stayed; the Jones store, the Moore store, and a few bonus locations.


The house can accommodate up to 10 individuals overnight. Groups can book the house for $500 for up to five people, and $100 for each additional person.

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Before booking, please be aware that an overnight stay is experiential in nature – it’s not meant as accommodation but to offer a one-of-a-kind chance to experience a place known to be haunted in the hours most likely to generate activity.

Paranormal and other phenomenon are most often experienced in the dark hours, and many say that the whistle of a 2 a.m. train ushers in the beginning of the overnight activity.

Since this is a living museum, guests are asked not to sleep on the beds; sleeping bags will be provided. Also, to be true to the home as it stood that night in June 1912, there’s no running water, indoor plumbing or electrical outlets. As a convenience for guests, a modern bathroom is provided in the restored barn next to the house where you’ll also find multiple plug-ins and a mini fridge as well.


  • Absolutely no candles in the house or barn
  • Dispose of all garbage outside
  • Do not touch window shades or mirror coverings
  • No smoking, vaping or burning incense inside
  • Please refrain from leaving candy or toys in the house

Add-On’s Available

  • Ghost Hunting Gear
  • Cot
  • Additional People
  • 2.5hr Private Tour
  • History & Hauntings Tour
Piano inside of the Villisca House

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