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Stay overnight in the Villisca Axe Murder House… if you dare. See why Villisca is known as one of America’s most haunted houses and learn of the tragic and brutal murders that took the lives of eight innocent and unsuspecting Iowans while in their sleep, including six children.

The house is in its original condition at the time of the murders, which means it does not have plumbing or electricity. Don’t worry, we provide a restroom next door and a power bank for your convenience, and the house has some air conditioning and heating.

Free parking is available on site, and cots are available as an option if you have additional guests. While the Villisca Axe Murder House is not a place to get your sleep in modern luxury and is intended to be an experience, we do provide modern and comfortable beds to make you feel more comfortable and rest if you choose to.

There are two ways to stay in the Villisca axe Murder House: rent the entire house, or rent a room. Before 2024, you could only rent the entire house, which was not friendly to individuals. We are now changing that to make it more affordable – and comfortable – for individuals to have their opportunity to stay the night in one of America’s most haunted houses.

There are 3 rooms available. Alternatively, you can reserve the entire house (max capacity 12 persons) for your group. Each room is priced at $199 per night. While you can add an additional person(s) to your reservation to join you in the experience, please note that that does not mean they will have their own bed to sleep on. If they want a cot of their own, they may bring one or rent one to use.

Off Season Rates:

  • Rates are 20% lower from 11/27 to 3/1:
  • Whole house available for $479.20
  • Each room $159.20

The Stillinger Room: $199

  • First floor
  • Standard occupancy is 1 guest
  • Can add 2 more for $99/person
  • Guests would need to rent a cot

Mr. and Mrs. Moore’s Room: $199

  • This room has limited privacy as other guests will need to walk past it to get to the attic and to the adjoining bedroom
  • Standard occupancy is 2
  • Can add 2 more for $99/person

Childrens’ Room: $199

  • Standard occupancy 3
  • Can add one more for $99
  • Second floor room next to Mr. and Mrs. Moore’s Room

Whole House Rental: $599

  • Max occupancy 5
  • Can add up to 7 more for $99/person

Before booking, please be aware that an overnight stay is experiential in nature – it’s not meant as accommodation but to offer a one-of-a-kind chance to experience a place known to be haunted in the hours most likely to generate activity.

Paranormal and other phenomenon are most often experienced in the dark hours, and many say that the whistle of a 2 a.m. train ushers in the beginning of the overnight activity.

Since this is a living museum, guests are asked not to sleep on the beds; sleeping bags will be provided. Also, to be true to the home as it stood that night in June 1912, there’s no running water, indoor plumbing or electrical outlets. As a convenience for guests, a modern bathroom is provided in the restored barn next to the house where you’ll also find multiple plug-ins and a mini fridge as well.


  • Absolutely no candles in the house or barn
  • Dispose of all garbage outside
  • Do not touch window shades or mirror coverings
  • No smoking, vaping or burning incense inside
  • Please refrain from leaving candy or toys in the house

Add-On’s Available

  • Ghost Hunting Gear
  • Cot
  • Additional People
  • 2.5hr Private Tour
  • History & Hauntings Tour
Piano inside of villisca house

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