A pink bed in a bedroom of the Villisca House

Since the Linns opened the house in the 1990s, hundreds of people have reported unexplainable phenomena.

Many, even during daytime tours, have reported a sense of concentrated dread, profound sadness or inexplicable rage. A strange fog has been witnessed moving room to room. Ghost hunting researchers have documented spirits with various electronic devices, including electromagnetic frequency detectors (EMF) and dozens have documented two-way communication via electronic voice phenomena (EVP) on social media, notably YouTube. Photos have captured orbs, ghostly fog and all kinds of other ghostly phenomena.

Some children have been observed playing with an unseen individual under the bed in what’s often called “the dark room,” the parlor bedroom where the Stilligener girls died.

In 2014, one paranormal enthusiast entered the house with a hunting knife, despite being warned not to take it inside by the home’s caretaker. After attempting to provoke the spirits into a response, he reported he saw a flash of light and then woke up in a hospital. He’d suffered a “self-inflicted” wound with his own knife that he didn’t remember. He later returned to the house and apologized for his behavior.

Some claim to have made contact with the victims, and others with the victims and the murderer. Could he have perhaps returned to the scene of his most infamous crime, either by choice or by forces in another dimension to pay for those deeds? No one knows for sure.

Many say that the real thrill of spending the night occurs around 2 a.m. when a train passes through the sleeping town. The train’s whistle is thought to trigger the residual events of the murder. Some investigators have reported that the fog sometimes appears, moving from room to room, perhaps mimicking the order of the murders.
All that is known for sure is one thing: the home on plot 310 stands as a chilling symbol of the darkness that can lurk within some individuals, even in the seemingly safest communities.

The Horrors of the Villisca Murder House

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