Guide & Tips for Overnight Stay

You can check-in any time after 5:30 p.m. Checkout is 10 a.m. We ask you to observe the following:

A darkened view of the inside of the villisca house

Be Respectful

This is a living historical exhibit and is provided as an immersive, experiential opportunity to stay overnight in one of America’s most haunted houses – it is not accommodation. Do not sleep in the beds, use sleeping bags instead. Do not touch blinds or mirror coverings.

The front of the Villisca House

Power Up

The house has AC/Heat upstairs and downstairs but is generally without power to create an authentic experience. Be sure to power up any gear you plan to bring. There are multiple outlets in the barn. Portable power chargers are an excellent idea for charging up inside the house.

A bedroom inside of the Villisca House

Leave No Trace

No eating in the house or drinking aside from water. Food and beverages should be consumed in the barn. You can stow leftovers in the mini fridge. All trash should be removed to the container outside. No toys, mementos or ghost hunting devices should be left behind.

Inside of the Villisca House

Keep the House Safe

Absolutely no candles, open flames lighting devices, cigarettes or vaping allowed inside. No coolers; sometimes they leak. Do not adhere anything to walls.

Piano inside of villisca house

Be Aware

Many visitors report the existence of a dark presence in the house. There have been reports of scratches on visitors. Do not bring weapons of any kind into the house for your own and others’ safety; there has been one documented self-inflicted stabbing. Use the buddy system, stay together, and if you find yourself overwhelmed by feelings of sadness, rage or dread, go outside and take a break.

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