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One of America's Most Haunted Houses
The Villisca Axe Murders of June 1912 remain an enduring and unsettling enigma in American criminal history. In this quaint small Iowa town on a pleasant summer’s night, eight unsuspecting victims - including six children - were bludgeoned to death as they slept following a church service. Despite a nationwide manhunt, multiple suspects and two trials, the murder remains unsolved.
Take a Step Back in Time
In the 1990s, the home was painstakingly restored by historians Martha and Gavin Linn at great expense and effort to appears exactly like the night of the crime, right down to the lack of electricity or running water. Due to their dedication, the Josiah B. Moore House is now on the National Registry of Historic Places.
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In the last 20+ years, visitors reported all manner of unexplainable phenomena. What lurks in this otherwise picturesque farmhouse? Spirits of the victims? The dark presence of the murderer himself? Or could it be just the residue of the horrific crime that played out within its walls?
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Ashley Segraves
It was so cool getting to visit and hear about the family that lived there.
18 Feb, 2024
By: Ashley Segraves
Bella Voils
It was really fun. Emily (I hope I remembered her name right) was amazing and patient with us while we bombarded her wit ...
17 Feb, 2024
By: Bella Voils
Jessica Standiford
We had a great time and definitely got spooked! Thank you!
11 Feb, 2024
By: Jessica Standiford
Elizabeth Murray
Emily was amazing!! We plan on booking an overnight soon. I love that this place doesn't limit your interactions with t ...
11 Feb, 2024
By: Elizabeth Murray
Julia Zison
We drove here from KCMO and it was totally worth it. Our tour guide Emily was the absolute best. Highly recommend.
10 Feb, 2024
By: Julia Zison

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